Unreal Engine and Metahuman Made Ease

VirtualFlow is developing T4Framework, a framework for Unreal Engine that aims at enabling people to create high-quality 3D content (be it video games or metaverse) even without professional knowledge in game development or software engineering. T4Framework provides you with a graphical user interface that lets you develop interactive 3D content without relying on C++ codes or Blueprint visual scripting.

[New features] Unreal Engine 5 + Houdini + MetaHuman - Custom City Sample

High-End Digital Content Creation with Metahuman

1) Complex Metahuman Setup with Just a Few Clicks

Complex Metahuman Setup with Blueprint (UE5)
Simple Metahuman Setup with T4Framework

2) Create "3D Drama" Simply by Hanging Out with Friends in a Virtual World

Recorded Playthrough (Actor 1)
Recorded Playthrough (Actor 2)
Recorded Playthrough (Actor 3)
Edit the recordings of all the Actors in the scene to create a "3D Drama" (the Replay System)
< The "Replay System" is patented product of VirtualFlow used to create 3D Dramas >

3) Intuitive Narrative Creation that Requires NO Coding

Creating Quests with Blueprint (UE5)
Creating Quests with "QuestFlow" (T4Framework)
< A patented product of VirtualFlow, the "QuestFlow" is an intuitive GUI tool for creating narratives or quests >

4) Easily Create Professional-Level Dynamic Contents

< This is a sample video that records the gameplay produced by T4Framework as a "Replay System" and uses it as new video content >

Introducing the VirtualFlow Team

VirtualFlow inc. is a tech startup composed of competent engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, who have participated in various MMORPG projects in major (both domestic and international) video game companies. We also have a team of technical designers and artists, who provides tool-related education and customer support, so that T4Framework users can have an easier time utilizing the solution.

Acknowledged for the innovation that it may introduce to the gaming and metaverse industry, T4Framework has won the 2020 Epic MegaGrants, a fund that EpicGames Invests in prospective tech startups believed to make significant contributions to Unreal Engine ecosystem.


Awarded "Epic MegaGrant" from Epic Games Inc

Stop Hesitating, Start Now

Integrating T4Framework into your workflow will save you a significant amount of time and cost in your content development, and even lower the risk of your project by providing you with a safe and efficient environment for product prototyping.

Even as of now, there are companies—both tech and non-tech—that have integrated T4Framework (v1.0, an official release that works with the latest UE 5) to free themselves from technical hardship, and a development cost that would otherwise have been astronomical. If you are interested in using T4Framework to create digital content or want technical cooperation with/support from VirtualFlow inc. for your current projects, please, e-mail us so we can investigate your issues and help you out.

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