“The School of Convergence at ChungKang College of Cultural Industries”, which has been certified—for the first time in Korea—by Epic Games Inc. as an educational institution that teaches professional digital content development using Unreal Engine, has incorporated T4Framework into its classes on how to utilize real-time game engines to develop digital content.

The School of Convergence is a recent addition to Chunkang College, which aims to cultivate professionals who will innovate the Metaverse industry by bringing together many different fields of entertainment—such as webtoons, animations, games, and performing arts—to create fresh digital content to be enjoyed by everyone. Its curriculum on converged digital content creation is considered one of the best in Korea. The school boasts a robust faculty, including professor Deukwoo Lee, who has built his reputation in the game industry and now teaches development using real-time game engines.

Professor Lee had served as a Member of the Board at Unity Technologies Korea and is an awardee of the prestigious Unreal Dev Grants. He is also the author of “Game Development with Deukwoo Lee - Using C++, Unreal Engine, and Math,” a popular textbook on game development.

The First Professional Education Institution to be Certified as Specializing in Unreal Engine


T4Framework, a Real Solution for Digital Content Creators

Why We Fell in Love with the School of Convergence! (Kor.)

The TD team at VirtualFlow Inc. provided the students at ChungKang, who have little experience in Unreal Engine, with offline lectures on how to use T4Framework to ease the process of creating digital content. Thanks to the effort on our part, the students could use T4Framework along with Unreal Engine to create digital content with a rich narrative, which would otherwise have been a long and complex process.

For a long time, I have pondered how to help creative people without coding knowledge develop the digital content that they have in mind. Then one day, I stumbled upon T4Framework and realized that this is the solution I’d been searching for. Now with T4, I’m looking forward to students creating well-made metahuman content. - Prof. Lee

The TD team from VirtualFlow Inc. preparing and giving lectures on T4Framework at ChunKang College.

Content creation scenes without a single line of code, using the "Quest Flow" feature from T4Framework

Unreal Engine is known for its steep learning curve, so to be frank, I was a bit afraid at first. But with T4Framework, I could create interactive digital content in UE5 even though I knew little about game engines. I was amazed at the number of features that T4Framework provides to ease my development process - Tae Hoon Kim, a student at ChungKang College

I’m sure that although there might be someone who has never used T4Framework, those who have will never stop using it. - Ji Woo Lee, a student at ChungKang College

Noteworthy T4Framework Projects by Chunkang College Students

The students at the School of Content Convergence, despite having little to no experience in Unreal Engine, could develop quality digital content in a short amount of time. The videos below showcase the two most impressive projects done by students Taehoon Kim and Jiwoo Lee.

This is “Gas Station”, a project by Taehoon Kim, a student from class A. Using the Quest and Dialogue tools provided by T4Framework along with carefully structured Sequences, he has come up with and implemented a very intriguing narrative into the project.

T4 GasStation (Kor.) - by Tae Hoon Kim

The work by Jiwoo Lee, a student from class B, has the title “Second-Hand Trading at AssetVille” The content boasts a fun narrative, and the student’s use of 2D Dialogue was quite adroit. Moreover, the background music made smooth transitions from one to another based on the situation that the player character faced is also a key point.

Second-Hand Trading at AssetVille (Kor.) - Ji Woo Lee

In the upcoming class, students will learn how to use MetaHuman in T4Framework (version for UE5) to create digital content with realistic graphics. We are planning to share their development process with you on our home page, so please stay tuned for future updates!

Want to know more about how students at ChungKang College made use of T4Framework? Then join our Discord (discord.gg/7k238Cqh56) community!

- The images and videos posted on this page have been authorized for use by the Convergence School and students who have created the works above. -

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