"Convenient High-Quality Metaverse Development Without Coding"

VirtualFlow is developing T4Framework, a framework for Unreal Engine that aims at enabling people to create high-quality 3D content (be it video games or metaverse) even without professional knowledge in game development or software engineering. T4Framework provides you with a graphical user interface that lets you develop interactive 3D content without relying on C++ codes or Blueprint visual scripting.

A metaverse-ready framework, T4Framework also plans to support online multiplayer development and be cross-platform. Moreover, we plan to make it easy for content-creators to extract and share the contents they developed with T4Framework to foster secondary creation by various developer communities.


[2022.10.06] Action-based Replay System for MetaHuman (Prototyping)

[2022.09.26] MetaHuman Modular System & Costumes

- DEMO -

[ MetaHuman & Multiplayer Sample ]

This is a video of T4Framework’s multiplayer demo, in which a host invites his friends over (by making his local PC serve as the server) and plays as one of the characters, which were created with the MetaHuman Creator and then imported to T4Framework. Equipped with its own server solution that’s optimized for multiplayer, T4Framework provides you with an all-in-one workflow that lets anybody create interactive multiplayer content easily.

[ 3D Interactive Presentation with Gryun Kim ]

This is a demo of the 3D interactive art released by Gryun Kim (who is the lead animator at Elastic inc.) at the Motion Plus Design conference held in Hollywood on March 26, 2022. Using the real-time rendering technology of Unreal Engine and utilizing handy development tools provided by T4Framework, his work shows off a splendid world full of suspense and fantasy. / Motion Plus Design 2022 Gryun Kim Trailer ... More...

[ Project Alice : Playable Demo ]

Let us introduce Project Alice, a demo RPG developed with T4Framework to demonstrate how using T4Framework makes game development a fast and convenient process. The game was designed in a way that naturally introduces you to the various development tools T4 provides as you play it through. It only took us about two months to complete Project Alice... More...


It’s been a while since Metaverse has become a hot potato in the tech industry, but developing virtual worlds still remains a realm of experts. To this end, making high-quality metaverse content has been a task that requires significant financial resources and a team of skilled developers. However, VirtualFlow aims to lower such a barrier to entry by providing you with an innovative solution.

VirtualFlow inc. is comprised of expert engineers with more than ten years of work experience in major IT companies of the world. Thanks to their expertise in software engineering and rich experience (they have been a part of many MMORPG projects) T4Framework is becoming an ever more powerful toolset.

Awarded "Epic MegaGrant" from Epic Games Inc

- Technical Details -


  • Unreal Engine 4.27 or 5.0
  • PC, Android, Oculus Quest (TBD)
  • Binary Plugins or VirtualFlowStudio UE Project


  • Education/Pro/Business Subscription
  • Metaverse Solution Subscription

Supported Content

  • Multiplayer Interactive Narrative Experiences
  • Casual action, RPG, MMO games
  • Build Metaverse Platform


  • No code, No script creation experience
  • Tool-based Workflow
  • Node-based Quest and Dialogue System
  • Open World, Lobby/World Server support
  • Multi-player, Multi-platform support

Contect Us

  • t4framework@virtualflowinc.com