Here are some examples of realistic texturing using T4Framework. This is a 3D interactive presentation released by Gryun Kim, the Lead Animator at Elastic - at Motion Plus Design held in Hollywood, U.S., on March 26, 2022. Using Unreal Engine’s real-time rendering technology, it is presenting a fantastic art world that traverses between reality and imagination.

Note that the camera and character’s movement shown in this video is not just a mere recording of pre-baked animations; they are being controlled in real-time by the artist Gryun himself. With T4Framework, you can simply use the GUI it provides to achieve such a feat without knowing how to code.

Motion Plus Design, Gryun Kim Trailer with T4Framework

Motion Plus Design is the world’s best Motion Design event founded in 2011. You can get a glimpse of the event and its atmosphere at the time of the announcement in the Facebook photos he posted back then.

- Art Director Gryun Kim -

He has won many awards such as the IF Design awards, Paris Film Festival award, and Communication Arts 2021 Design Awards, to name a few. He also boasts rich experience in working on large-scale projects, which include Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Teaser, DC Universe (DOOM PATROL), etc. His most notable artworks include 007 Skyfall and Nissan videos, but he is perhaps most known for the intro for the TV series “His Dark Materials - Season 2,” which aired on BBC and HBO. (

His Dark Materials Season 2

This exceptional artist made the following remark on why he’s been using Unreal Engine to make projects and give public presentations of them:

Let me first tell you why I became a 3D motion graphic designer. Well, I’ve always wanted to make people resonate with the story I wanted to tell, via artwork rather than words. I thought 3D motion graphics would be a great medium for such storytelling because, unlike 2-Dimensional artforms, it can convey a richer story and messages thanks to having full access to all three dimensions.

However, the downside of 3D motion graphics was that I could only talk about MY story, which led me to wonder if I can make my work more flexible so as to let others add their stories on top of mine. That’s how I became interested in interactive art.

Since Unreal Engine is capable of displaying a 3D space in real-time (not just pre-rendered images), I thought it was a tool that would allow people to interact with the artwork, instead of just watching it as bystanders.

To this end, in this iM+D project, I could utilize Unreal Engine to come up with a new form of interactive presentation, in which I could have the audience jump in and add their contributions rather than just passively letting my story sink into themselves.</b>

- Artist, T4Framework -

This collaborative project with Gryun Kim demonstrates one of the main virtues T4Framework aims to promote: Enabling artists to build and refine a metaverse according to their vision, solely with GUI and not a single line of code.

UE5 & 3D Interactive Presentation with T4Framework

Usually, there are lots coding involved in creating an interactive art to implement the necessary features, but with T4Framework I could skip all that process… I could set up multiple aspects of characters with just a few clicks. I’m also impressed by T4’s ability to let me create complex scene transitions and quests by drag-and-dropping nodes… If you’re interested in making interactive art or metaverse, I highly recommend that you try out a workflow that involves T4Framework. - Gryun Kim

NAB2022, Gryun Kim : 3D Interactive ART Cinema4D + Unreal

Source : NAB 2022 - Day 1 (Maxon)

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